Account Switching Tips

It’s easy to switch to a Fort Sill Federal Credit Union Account.

Use our hassle free Switch Kit

  • Open FSFCU Account
    • Open a New Account with Fort Sill Federal Credit Union (FSFCU) by visiting any of our branch locations or Call or Contact Us. FSFCU employees will ensure you open the account(s) best suited for your needs and provide you with 24/7 account access through the telephone and online. If   applicable, you will be able to order checks, debit/ATM cards etc.
  • Set Up Direct Deposit
    • Complete a Direct Deposit change/enrollment form(s) for each direct depositor and if applicable, a Social Security Direct Deposit information form.
    • Send or take the Direct Deposit change/enrollment form(s) to the deposit companies so they have the New Account information. Enclose a voided check or deposit slip from your new account when setting up or switching your direct deposit(s).
  • Online Banking/Bill Pay
    • Cancel any regularly scheduled payments being made through Internet/Online Banking on your old account.
    • Enroll in FSFCU Online Banking and Bill Pay. Set up any regularly scheduled payments through FSFCU Bill Pay.
  • Automatic Payments or Transfers
    • Send notification to companies who make automatic withdrawals from your old account that you have a new checking account now from which to make debits. Give them the New Account details to set up the automatic withdrawals from the new account.
  • Stop Using Your Old Account(s)
    • Make sure all checks and debits have cleared the account, automatic payments and/or transfers have stopped and direct deposit has started in your new account.
    • Destroy any and all unused checks, deposit slips, debit cards and/or ATM cards from your old account.
  • Close Your Old Account(s)
    • Notify your old financial institution that you are closing your old account and complete any necessary account closure paperwork.
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