STAR Telephone Teller

STAR Telephone Teller speaks and understands both English and Spanish. A telephone session begins with instructions from STAR for you to wait or say "English" to navigate the system using your voice and press one to navigate using touchtone. Similar instructions are given in Spanish.

One of the advantages STAR offers is the ability to provide information about Fort Sill Federal Credit Union (FSFCU) products, services, and promotions to non-members. STAR accomplishes this by asking upfront, "What would you like to do?" STAR will tell you what to say, Current Accounts, Transfer Funds, General Information, Product Information, or More Choices. You're only asked to enter your Member ID and PIN when access to account information is needed for your selection. When security is an issue, safeguard your account information by entering numeric values using the phone keypad.

Directed Speech Mode is activated when English is selected. STAR will guide you through the menus by asking what you want to do, then telling you what words you can say. To hear the menu again say, "Repeat". To return to the previous menu say, "Back". When your transaction is complete, STAR tells you the spoken command for that transaction. Knowing the command will allow you to skip over menus and save time.

To start giving commands, just say, "Hey, STAR" at any time during your call. STAR will tell you to, "Speak your command." To stop giving commands say, "Done" to return to STAR Guided Menus or "Goodbye" to end your call.

Call STAR at (580) 581-1270 or 1-800-258-7329 Toll Free

"Hey, STAR!"

For information on your account, select keywords from columns 1 and 2. To perform transactions, select keywords from Column 3. You can use just the keywords or make it into a sentence.

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3


Savings/Account 1



Checking/Account 2

Transfer to Another Member #


Christmas Club

Withdraw Check



Re-Order Checks

All Transactions

Certificate/Account #

Change PIN


Loan #

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

Next Due Date

Credit Card

Lost/Stolen Debit Card

Last Payment

FastCash Loan #160


Inquire Check #



  • What's the balance in my checking account?
  • List all transactions on my checking account.
  • List all deposits in my checking account.
  • Transfer $1.00 from my checking to my savings.

Don't forget to say, "Hey STAR!"

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