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Live Chat

Live Chat is an instant messaging application utilized from inside Online Banking. If you have a question about a transaction in your history, setting up payees on Bill Pay, or anything dealing with your accounts, you can initiate a Live Chat session and connect directly to our Contact Center.

Once you have established a Live Chat session, our Contact Center representatives will assist you by walking you through step by step procedures, sending you links to our website, or even sending documents or forms that need to be completed.

Secure Messaging

When you use the Online Banking message center, you are able to communicate directly, via encrypted messages with our Member Service Representatives. You open a case with us and we will assist you or answer any questions you may have. Remember to always check your messages when you log in to Online Banking. We may send alerts, messages and other important information to you.

Electronic Statements

Access your statements online! Simply sign in to Online Banking, select Electronic Statements from the Accounts Summary page and choose the account for the statements you would like to review. You can download them and print them.

Account-to-Account (A2A) Transfer

With the Account-to-Account Transfers feature, Fort Sill Federal Credit Union (FSFCU) can now offer our members the ability to transfer funds between accounts at FSFCU and to accounts held at other financial institutions. Log in to Bill Pay and select the Transfer Money option to get started. A transaction fee may be assessed for each transfer.


If you are tired of trying to collect exact change from friends when you split the bill, or want to pay the babysitter but don't have cash, Popmoney gives you the option of sending funds via text or email. Enter the payee's email address, and they will receive an email notifying them that there is a deposit waiting. It's as simple as that. Log in to Bill Pay and select the Pay People option to get started. A transaction fee may be assessed for each transaction.

Money Manager

A one stop shop for managing and budgeting your finances. See the bigger picture by connecting to your accounts at other financial institutions and compiling it all in to customizable categories. This includes accounts balances, transaction histories, loans, credit cards, insurance, retirement accounts and more. Set budgets, goals and review at a glance charts and pie graphs to help keep you on track month to month. It's FREE and available in Online Banking.

Direct Connect – Quicken or QuickBooks

Do you prefer organizing and managing your finances using Quicken or QuickBooks? We can support that. Direct Connect allows you to connect to your Online Banking profile and accounts through your favorite personal finance manager software, i.e. Quicken or QuickBooks.

All you need to do is open your personal finance manager software, locate Fort Sill FCU from the list of supported institutions and login using your Online Banking username and password. From then on you will have a direct connection to your account from inside Quicken or QuickBooks. You can organize and manage your accounts and even pay bills. 

Order Checks

Order your checks online. Visit the Deluxe Check Orders website to place your order.

Check Images

Review your checks with check images. Every check you write will be scanned and made available to you in your online account history. See who you wrote it to, check the date, review the check number, print it, save it, whatever fits your needs and helps you keep up with your expenses.

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